About Us

We are HNS WATCH STRAP, established in 2014 by a bunch of watch lovers who were seeking for high quality NYLON and ZULUPATCH straps. Our mission is to make it possible for you to change your watchstrap as often as you change your sneakers. We sell high quality premium NYLON and ZULUPATCH straps at affordable prices.
The NYLON and ZULUPATCH Strap makes your watch look cooler with awesome NYLON and ZULUPATCH Straps and accessories for the modern watch loving man. A retro taste that passionately looks to the future. The best way to give your watch a different look is to where it with a NYLON and ZULUPATCH Strap. A NYLON and ZULUPATCH Strap is sporty, colorful and stylish. NYLON and ZULUPATCH Straps were original made ​​for the British Ministry of Defence, because the nylon is sturdy, light and easy to take off in a pinch.
We offer fast  worldwide shipping. Our customers are located around the world, and we will give them the opportunity to enjoy our premium NYLON and ZULUPATCH straps.
Being a small company we are having a personal relations with our costumers. If you have any questions or just want a talk about watches and straps, feel free to contact us at hnswatchstrap@gmail.com. 
Thanks and best regards,